Sacramento Rental Inspection Registration

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Looking for advice from anyone who is self-managing property in Sacramento (from outside). I am in bay area and got a duplex in Sacramento. We received a rental inspection registration form from city and we filled it up. Now, they sent it back to us saying that the contact address should be within 35 miles radius of property which we are not. Any suggestions?

Marko Rubel
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Here is the website for it.  I self manage several homes and the program hasn't been too bad but I don't care for it.  I don't need more people telling me how to manage/maintain my homes.

It does state that you have to provide a contact person, and it can be the tenant, even though the tenant gets a copy also.  If you trust the tenant or have someone who can get receive mail for you then that would be best.

Here's a thought, have them send it to your name at the rental address and forward your mail to where you want it to go to.  That should work but you would need to update it as the forwarding expires after a period of time.

hi @David Hutson
I own a fourplex in sacramento. Just a week ago I had an inspection done from RHIP.
two officer dressed like SWAT team visited my property and checked if my property is in good condition. here is my video thoughts:

to be honest I'd rather pass a class where I can inspect my property myself. Way cheaper.
actual repairs cost: $100
inspection program bureaucracy costed me : $1200+ (including retro-fit window permits)