Best place to buy appliances? (Speed/Warranty/Qaulity)

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Hi Landlords,  Need a fridge and some window A/C's fast.  The most important thing to me are, in this order: next day delivery & haul away of the old appliances, install of appliances, extended 5+ year warranty offered by the retailer that is actually worth the money, remote ordering (i.e. I don't want to have to physically go there to pick out & check out).  At this time I am not concerned with saving a few bucks for a used appliance.  Other than Home Despot, HH Gregg, etc., has anyone had any success with online retailers or other avenues for appliances? 

Some folks like Sears (I'm so old I can remember when Sears was the only place you could buy appliances).  However, my local Sears charges for delivery.   Lowes/Home Depot don't.   Never have bought an appliance from Best Buy.


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