Why do they think they can paint ?

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i went to fix a broken faucet today . Rented this older cottage to some young women . I get in there and they painted , designs on the walls , all the trim pink , and purple . They even painted 2 year old kitchen cabinets . So I fix the faucet , and brought in my camera and started taking pictures . I asked the  tenants why they painted without permission ?   Oh we didnt think you would mind and we wanted to make it feel like home .  ( It looks kinda cool but I could never rent it to a guy like that )   So I sit there after I take the pics and tell them Its already done ,  But I have to write you all up a bill for new cabinets and to repaint the whole place ,   " Why , its a law that you have to repaint anyway between tenants "    I tell them there is no such law .  " But it looks better "    To you and your friend .  "  But you have the security deposit "    yes , that will cover the painting when you move , the cabinets and labor is close to 3 grand .  Its considered damage right now and is considered additional rent .  

I tell them its done , you are here , I cant change it , but its against the lease , you pay so I am covered , the security deposit is to cover damages after you move out , not during your stay .  I will spread it out , the additional rent will be $ 400 a month . 

"But , we can repaint  when we leave "

Sorry , no that is against the lease . 

They werent too happy .  Neither was the father who is a cosigner but he understood 

I too have never figured out why someone who doesn't OWN a place wants to paint it.

And I'm not talking about a rental unit that needs painting.  I'm the painter for our properties and I can be standing there showing a rental with a dripping roller/paint brush in my hand and about half the folks under a certain age will ask "can we paint?"

I even had a youngster (early 20's) once tell me she wanted to paint the OUTSIDE of my little yellow stucco cottage; I had to explain the color was specifically picked out as a heritage color and was not going to be changed by anyone but myself (and I LIKE little yellow cottages).  Even her mother who was there with her said "You're renting dear, not buying the place.  Save your painting energy for when you buy your own home".

Now I've gotten to the point of telling folks if they would like to point I will provide them the name of a professional painter and we can all sit down and pick the colors and they can pay this fellow to do their painting.


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