Turbo Tenant?

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Hey @Jake Hahn I have! I had such a good experience that I applied for a job with them (!) so BP might flag me if I go into general features. But I think I can answer specific questions or tell you about my experience...

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I just used TT for the first time. I got an application and credit/eviction report from each of my tenants.   I like how you can manage several properties from 1 platform and even post to notify people of an open unit. I got many responses from wherever they sent it: zumper or rent hop as well as Craigslist. TT asks the applicants salary but it is not verified. They are a couple and I haven't heard any complaints from either of them regarding a fee. It was very convenient for them to email me whatever was required and they moved fast because they know good housing goes quickly in my area. I have been very satisfied with TT and hope they get the option to pay rent online up and running because that would be great!