How do I do a credit check on a Tenant in Edmonton?

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Hi There.

I'm a newbie landlord and i have an application for a prospective tenant.

both ladies will be renting my 3-bedroom apartment and they are both moving out of their parents house for the first time, which means that I will be their first landlord. I don't have a previous landlord to call for reference except for employer.

I've been trying to find a site to do a credit check as they are aware that I will be doing that. But I can't find a website that allows me to do that.

Can someone recommend a resource that they use to do a credit check on their tenant and any advice for me renting out to these two young ladies?


@Adeola Ade

Set yourself up with an account with either RentCheck or TVS  both will allow you to pull an applicant's credit history.  They will also supply you with wording to include in you application or Credit Check Consent form which you can use to secure the applicants consent to have their credit history queried.

Thanks so much @Roy N  . I have checked out both websites

Your two applicant are a terrible choice for your first tenants. If they are moving from home they will both require intensive training on your part to make them even half descent tenants. You have a lot of work ahead.

You should also have a parent for each as a guarantor for their rent. They have no rental history, probably no credit or bad credit and will be unreliable.

I would not rent to them.

@Adeola Ade a website I recently found, but have not used, for screening tenants is It looks as though it could be a good resource but I haven't got any feedback from anyone using it. 

On a side note send me a PM as I'd like to talk to you about you wholesaling me deals in Edmonton.

Thanks @Thomas S. thank you for the website recommendation.  I will be sending you a PM regarding a wholesale deal that i might have.

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