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Has anyone come across any good apps for landlords? Just wondering if there an app out there that could be a quick reference for a landlord on the go. I.e. Tracks rental info, tenants, etc...

I personally haven't found one... I was so frustrated I put up a gig on eLance  (now something else, Upwork maybe) to have one built but finally gave it up and carry a worksheet with me. Pocket apps for landlording seem to lag behind, even Bigger Pockets (poke-poke @Brandon Turner and @Joshua Dorkin ) apps aren't especially functional.

Check out the Landlordy Personal Edition app, it could be what you're looking for. It is $25 tho

@Casey Moen - this topic comes up about 3x a day here on BP so there's tons of opinions on the matter and many people here use the primary options.  Usually it's Rentec Direct, Buildium, and Appfolio that come up.  Myself, I prefer Rentec Direct.  Better price, same features, much cooler company, awesome service.

@Jason Hartley thanks. I searched on here but didn't see what I was looking for in posts. I'm a newbie to BP though. Must have been user error! 

Just looked at Buildium. Looks more like what I'm searching for. Thanks

I am loving so far. Check it out, you can do 3 listings free and it has billing built in, service requests online etc.

I have been using Property Buddy and it works for me for the 2 unit I have. There are several reports that can be run and emailed/printed that are very useful. It was free to try for 10 days or so if I remember correctly and was only $10 for a year full the version fo 1-4 units if I recall correctly.

Just my $0.02

@Casey Moen
I've been looking into your suggestion of rentech direct. One question for you? Do you use that the software for accounting as well?I'm confused on how to use it for tracking P&L if an expense isn't associated with a specific property. Like the purchase of business cards for example. Do you also use quick books or some other accounting software?


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