Window Sealing Tape for Heating?

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So my client is a contractor as well....

Of course he therefore expects me as a PM, to be his subcontractor too....

Anyway, his property's windows are getting a lot of air coming through....

He tells me there is window "sealing tape" at home depot???

Anybody know of anything like this? How to apply it, etc??



If it is just leaking at the bottom you can apply a window weather stripping or you can apply a plastic over the whole window. The weather stripping is just a peal and stick. To install the window plastic you must use the included two sided tape around the perimeter of the window and then stick the plastic to it. Then you use a hair dryer to shrink the plastic down to get all the wrinkles out. Both are just bandaids. I would recommend he install some pocket replacement window.

I have used the sealing tape before in rental properties (as the renter) with poorly insulated windows. It essentially plastic wraps the whole opening - makes a big difference heating wise on old, cracked, or leaking windows but, like @Steve R. said, it is not a solution to the problem. It makes using blinds super annoying and it often pulls paint off the window frame when you remove it. 

Any solutions you employ that simply 'patches' the window is just that, a patch. The plastic kits that you can buy at any home improvement store will seal up the windows, and do an OK job at keeping out some on the drafty air. But they are no replacement for 'replacement' windows. Fixing, patching, or otherwise messing with old windows-especially single-pane, single-hung windows-is a dead end. The energy bills will be higher, the unit cooler, the value lower, and possibly more difficult to rent. 

When we buy properties, we always look at the windows, as strictly as anything else, because we believe in providing a great product, and that usually means having solid, double-pane, double-hung windows. Replacement windows can cost a lot if there are many to replace. We use Window World because they offer a great price ($200 per window) and a lifetime, transferrable warranty-even for glass breakage. If a tenant breaks the glass 10 years from now, you're covered! So we invest when we need to, but do it intelligently.

Windows can costs a fortune though, as do furnaces, roofs, or other big-ticket items. We just bought an auction house yesterday with 32 new windows the previous owner spent over $14K on! We only spent $15 for the house!

I would say seal them up with the plastic kit if that's how you need to go, but if were only talking one or two windows, you might want to consider replacing them.

He's probably talking about the 2" Frost King polyethylene tape. What makes it great is it doesn't dry and leave residue like duct tape. There more elaborate solutions, but I keep it around.

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