Tenant screening

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Good Evening Bigger pockets community!! I wanted to know what company are you guys using to screen your tenants? Of course this question is for those of you screening your own tenants.   I thank you in advance for your feedback. 

Try searching the forums, there is a lot of info out there.

You need to think about whether you want to do it electronically or old school.  Our low income tenant base can't handle electronic.

We found that our state landlord association offers a service that is very inexpensive and I've been very happy with it, you might want to explore that.  We can scan them the applications and they e-mail us back a report.

We meet all applicants in person and use payyourrent.com for a background and credit check.

We use a local screener, we get background, employment, criminal and credit plus she knows EVERYONE so often can help verify sob stories or other drama around the larger apartment complexes.

I use Experian for tenant screening. They do background checks and instant credit reports. I’m absolutely satisfied with that service, besides, it doesn’t cost much. I recently found that some rental platforms like this one https://rentberry.com/tenant-screening/, for instance use it for tenants verification as well. So, if you post property with such websites, you can get tenants criminal and credit reports for free.

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