landlord obligations to accommodate service animals

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Does anyone know under the Fair Housing Act what our obligation as landlords is to accommodate service dogs and if we can ask for documentation to prove this dog is actually a  legitimate service dog? Thanks!

There are no requirements for a service animal to be certified as a service animal

If the tenant does not have a obvious need for a service animal you have the right to request documentation that they need a service animal

There should be a note from a doctor that the animal is a service animal.  

You may not be obligated to provide that accommodation depending on the type of unit.
A single family home that you are renting out yourself would not be required to allow the service animal.

This is what the humane society has to say about the question:

I'd check some previous posts on this subject. 

One thing is you can not charge a deposit or animal rent on a service animal.

Service animals are not just dogs.

This is a good link about service animals

Marcia Maynard Investor from Vancouver, Washington

I'd make sure your security deposit is sufficient to cover any damages that could incur so you would be able to deduct for damages from their service animal if the case arises.

I'd also require proper proof of vaccination for the animal.

You also have the option of choosing a more qualified applicant. Your screening system should work to your favour when selecting tenants.

Am I correct in thinking that an "Emotional Support Animal" does not have the same ADA protection as a trained Service Animal?

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