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I am closing on my first triplex Monday. Sellers just notified me that Internet is going up $20/mo total. Apparently landlord has been paying Direct TV and Internet for tenants ($78/mo new amount for all 3 units). Lease agreement says (DTV/Internet) not guaranteed and may be cancelled at anytime.

I would really like the tenants to pay their own DTV/Internet. How would I go about this, and does anyone see issues with asking tenants to cover this expense?

Thanks in advance!

I inherited a colorful group of tenants a few years ago.  In 1 year, 8 of 10 were gone.  I would highly recommend moving a little bit slowly, first get acquainted with the tenants and figure out who you anticipate keeping and who you just as soon say goodby to.  Let that knowledge inform your decision making.  How you would go about it depends on the law in Colorado, here in Oklahoma we would give a written notice and be prepared to enforce.  Choose your battles wisely when you are starting out.  Spend the weekend reading about 'training' your tenant :-). Don't know where Windsor is but if you're anywhere on the I25 Corridor, it's probably a seller's market for occupancy.

Best wishes to you.

No issue at all. when you close the property send them notice that they will have to pay for service. Also you have to honor terms of lease and make sure you have leases from seller and have them all sign an estoppel certificate. if you need help leto me know. 

Daniel, I whole-heartedly agree with Deborah. She is offering sound wisdom.  I do not believe in furnishing ANY utilities nor cable.  IMO, you should work towards freeing yourself from this burden, but it will most likely be a process.

@Daniel Luedtke so my only thought is Do you want to be right or rich? I'm thinking that taking away their free internet or TV would be grounds for mutiny. Personally I wouldn't rock the boat. When I choose new tenants, there would be no free DTV/Internet. The only caveat to that be if you wanted to send them packing.

From a technical perspective. Give notice according to the lease or 30 days from date of the notice. 

BTW you don't "ask" them to pay for the DTV/Internet. You tell them, this is the new program with a new sheriff. The landlord is in charge and the tenant is not.

It might be better to just raise the rent to market rate and build the cable bill into it. Good luck.

Defiantly raise the rent to market. As for the TV and internet you simply point out the lease agreement and inform them that effective the end of the month you will be canceling the services.

If they ask let them know if they wish to continue the services they will need to contact the service providers in person and sign up.

Thanks everyone for the feedback! Closed on the triplex yesterday! Officially a landlord! Found out previous owner just cancelled DTV, since none of the tenants were using it. Got internet setup into my name, and have it locked in at $50/ mo (for all 3 units) for 5 yrs, so I may just not rock the boat until the leases are up for renewal. Thanks again for everyone's advice! On to the next one!!!

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