Removing a locked bolted down safe

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Hello BP,

So I had to evict a tenant that was formerly the property owner.  We discovered a bolted down locked safe in one of the closets. She would not give my workers, who helped her move, the combination.  The wood flooring is in good condition and I would really like not to tear it apart because of this safe.  Does anyone know what is the best route to remove the safe while salvaging the floor? 

Hire a locksmith. They can usually break in pretty quickly (seriously, you'd be surprised).

Don't try to break in yourself or it could make things worse. My safe, as an example has a double glass break the glass trying to break a not the safe and it just makes things harder.

unbolt it from the floor or use a multitool with a good metal cutting blade to cut the bolts. sawzaw with metal cutting blade might do the trick too.

Account Closed Thank you very much. I called my local locksmith and he happens to be an authorized reseller of that brand. He is going to call the manufacturer to see if he can get me the code and that would be of no charge. if he cant get the code, i am looking at $425.  

@Jassem A. i don't think i have the clearance to slide a blade underneath the safe.  I am not at the property now but i will definitely check it out when i go back there.  Thank you for the advice. 

Or just leave it. It's in the closet who cares..

If you can get the combo at least you have access to inside but personally I'd leave it and just consider it part of the decor :) 

@Deanna McCormick  a friend of mine told me the same thing about an hour ago.  Unfortunately  it does occupy most of the floor in one of two closets in the master bedroom. It is pretty obtrusive. One of the main things my applicants look for is closet space. 

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