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I have a single family rental located in Cleveland Ohio (Tremont area) on a slab foundation. Just found out there is a hole in one of the sewer pipes under the kitchen floor. Roots had grown into the pipe when The plumbing company jetted and took the camera down there, they discovered one of the pipes has a hole. They cleared the roots and plumbing working fine, but won't guarantee the work because of the hole. Thinking of fixing the broken pipe but it involves taking up the laminate wood flooring. The plumber wanted to charge me $4,000. I think a good Handiman can fix the pipe and put back the laminate flooring much cheaper.
Just need to find a good reliable Handiman. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

That job is way beyond the scope of a handyman and would get some more quotes from plumbers and fix the leak asap.You will need the handyman to patch the trench left by the plumbers and lay some new laminate 

@Michelle Fox
I have a plumber who is reliable with good prices. Pm me and I'll send you the info.
I agree with the other guy. I think that is beyond the scope of a handyman.

You own a rental and don't already have a person that does repairs/maintenance? Oops! 

Having a team member-even you-ready to address MOST of the issues that require maintenance in your rental properties is a must. Having someone on your team that you can trust for both most of the work AND competent advice WHEN you need to sub-out something out is crucial.

Don't let a plumber re-do your floors; if he is a competent plumber, he will charge you way too much because he can make a ton in the plumbing world.  If he's incompetent as a plumber and needs the job because he can't get plumbing work, why is he in your unit?

You need a handyman as a permanent team member not as a one time thing. Get someone to help you that you can trust to do the work, speak up when they can't do it, and is good under pressure. And is affordable. 

@Michelle Fox I agree with the others on this thread. A job like this you need to bring in a licensed plumber. Trying to pinch pennies never turns out well.

Have a plumber do the plumbing work then have a handyman clean everything up.

@Daryl Anderson

Can you please PM me the name and contact info of your plumber too? I will need one very soon. Thanks in advance!!

Your local REIA is a good source for contractors for you. The ones that join are the investor friendly ones who understand our business.

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