Airbnb leasing company wants to rent my property

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I know Airbnb is a good idea for someone looking to lease their property themselves, but has anyone rented their house to a company that rents with Airbnb? 

In their initial email, they offered 10% more of the $1200 asking price, but maybe that was just to get us to respond.  Before we contact them, we are trying to think of the pros/cons of this scenario.  The only upside that we can think of is the extra income.  We are trying to think of any downfalls like extra insurance that we should have to protect against any liability issues.  Or if the company is renting through Airbnb and not paying all the appropriate fees or taxes to the city(if their are any) then could we also be held liable for this since we knew they were renting through Airbnb? 

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Hi @Wilson Davis is your property currently furnished and being rented as a vacation rental or is this company proposing to take your unfurnished unit at a higher price and furnish themselves and manage through Airbnb?

It won't be long before that law is everywhere.  It doesn't take too many powerful people with hotels losing a lot of money to get a law passed. 

The company would furnish the house at the higher rate and manage through Airbnb. 

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