Lincoln Nebraska: Tree Branches Responsibility

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One of my rentals has a tree that the branches are brushing on the neighbors roof. Do you know if it's legally my responsibility to hire someone to trim the tree or is it the neighbors? Rental is in Lincoln NE. Also does anyone have recommendations for trimming?

@Rebecca Rezabek  Not sure about your town, but usually it would be your responsibility.  And if the neighbors feel the need (say someone is taking too long to cut them), they can trim them since it is touching their roof.

It's fall all the tree guys are still out and some work in the winter. better time to fall some trees because won't damage the ground if its frozen for removal as much, if heavy equipment is needed.

Get a couple of bids go on craigslist just make sure they have insurance.

Let the neighbor know about the work, if it's close to their roof line and over property line. and ask if they have a tree guy.

I'd do the work less trouble in the future and make sure that they give that tree a good trim, 

I have a similar issue in Lincoln where my neighbor asked me to trim a branch that hangs over her drive way. I'm not totally sure but I think that they have the right to cut the tree to the property line. I'm not sure who is liable for damages.

I have two tree guys on my team. Contact me if you want their info.

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