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I am looking for a reputable property management firm to manage a number of rental properties for me (as an out of state owner) in the Kansas City (KS and MO) market. I am looking for a company that can provide a full suite of services and has the scale to provide services in all areas of the KC metro market. Does anyone have any recommendations? I assume most will charge in the 7-10% of rent range, but please include any cost estimates if possible.


Hi Sean,

Where you able to find a reputable property management firm?  Any recommendations would be helpful.

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Good afternoon, 

I realize this post is aged a bit but I just came across it and thought I would check to see if you were still in need of a referral for PM.

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@Diogo Marques -  I do not know of any in Ohio at this time but will be at a national conference in a few weeks networking with a few hundred PM's.    

As far as KS/MO are concerned, the company (see signature line) I work for manages primarily A class properties with rental rates above $1100/m.  Depending upon the portfolio you need managed, we might be a good fit.  If we are not, I know some other good KS/MO PM's that I could put you in touch with.

@Paul Branton We are looking for c->b mfamily 50+ units in KC and OH.

Currently have 1 51 unt about to go under contract

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