Tenant's Son With Non-Violent Felonies Coming To Visit

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Hey everyone, I'd like to get some advice and opinions on this situation.

I have husband/wife tenants that are good tenants and are currently on a month-to-month lease.  They follow rules, pay rent on time, and have had no troubles with me or any of their neighbors.

The father says that their 20 something year old son had run-ins with the law when he was a teenager and is currently "getting his life together".  His crimes were petty drug offenses.  No violent felonies.

He asked if its ok for the son to visit from time to time.  Never to stay long term, but, to visit on the weekends.  The father feels if he can look over his son, he can help get his life straightened out. 

I appreciate the father's honesty and have no problem for the son to visit being that his crimes were minor.  If they requested the son to be on the lease, I would subject him to a full background check before approval.  

How would you handle this situation if it was your tenant? 

We can't background check tenant's guests, but, what would you do if a tenant brought in guests with known felonies?

Do your leases have stipulations on the type of guest that can visit? Is it legal?

This is non of your business if guest are felony or not.

Your only concern is he going to be living in the house. Extended stay for guest. Do you have anything in your lease.

I say you need to worry if you notice him staying longer than he should.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but tenants should be free to have guests as they please. Their guests should be subject to the same rules of your lease and this should be written in the lease. The trick is making sure the "guest" doesn't turn into a "guest every day, but he doesn't live here, really, I promise, he just sleeps over on weekends. and weeknights. and holidays."  I was once able to prove a tenants "guest" was really the live in boyfriend when he started receiving mail at the house, but it's generally tough to prove.  I was then able to notify section 8, she lost her voucher for allowing unauthorized people to live with her on their dime, and I was able to evict for non payment having only lost 3 months rent. The "guest" caused all sorts of problems, fought with his baby momma all the time which disturbed other tenants etc.  I was told at the time that I was lucky to get her out after "only 3 months" in this very tenant friendly state.

The resident is making you aware of the family members prior record and situation. 

I doubt most others would do the same.

You already informed tenant that it would be limited time spent , occasional weekends and not a permanent situation, unless he's approved to go on the lease, 

I think it was very fair and honest the parent confided and made you aware totally of what was going on.

Sounds like the kid might be living in a half way house and they have strict rules about sobriety / and test for drugs and usually only permit short overnight stays with sign outs so they know where they are.  he could be on that program for awhile, guessing he might have probation officer also, so I think I'd personally be fine, I might ask where he's currently living if you have the chance. 

So watch and see how things proceed.

Uh, yeah he can visit.

As long as he isn't staying past the determined timeframe in your lease.

Good insight from everyone.

@Taye N. - Generally speaking, that is my stance about tenant's guests.  I do have a "2 week maximum" guest stay stipulation in my lease, as well as all guest must follow rules the same as tenants on the lease.

@Michael Totman - That's my biggest fear, that a tenant will move-in someone that would not otherwise qualify under my tenant screening standards.  I have 24 hour recorded surveillance cameras on the property, so that helps.

@Deanna McCormick - According to the father, the son will be staying with another relative 20 minute drive away and is registered with his case worker at that address.  I too am glad the parents were honest and up front with me.  Thus, I would like to help if I can.

@Rosston Smith - Yes, I have a "2 week maximum" guest stay stipulation on my lease as well.  

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