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Hi all, 

Newbie here. We recently bought a 1-bed apartment in Houston. Current lease ended recently and we are looking to rent it out. I am advertising it on greensheets (local news paper/website) and Will see how that works out. What I am trying to figure out is how do you folks find renter? Is there a place where I can get list of resources I can use to advertise? any blog/older post that may be helpful, particularly to my local markets? 


@Neil S. There are lots of ways to get a renter. The cheapest way is to put out hand written signs in the area and advertise on free websites like craigslist. You will want to do your homework on qualifying the possible tenants. You could also approach a property management company. For a monthly fee, they will find a qualified renter and manage the apartment. Another way is to hire a real estate agent. They will require a fee but it is a one time fee and they don't manage the property.

Thank you Jeremy.  We used a property mgmt earlier but they were not productive in finding renter for other apartments from our group. We are trying to grow someone we know who is honest and will work for it. But she is beginner in this. Perhaps we need to find ways to compliment her work. 

How do we vet the renter prospects received from greensheets, craiglist for credit etc. is what we are trying to figure out.


Oh, thanks for the tip on written signs! We are doing those also.

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