How much to save for PM, repairs, CapEx, Vacancy

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Im currently saving 10% of gross rent for property management (altho self managing), 10% vacancy, 10% repairs and 10% CapEx... My actual current rent income is $3413 but when we move out of this unit I'm estimating gross income of $5813. So saving 10% of gross income for each of these reserves is $581/mo for EACH reserve (total of $2325/mo)... Am i saving way too much for reserves?!

Should i be saving 10% each of current rent income or 10% each of what i could potentially be getting in rental income when we move out?

@Camille Joos-Visconti I want to be clear, is this a duplex where you are currently living in one of the units but planning to move out so both units are rented?  I just want to be clear I am following.  Thanks!

@Rick S. Its a triplex, we are renting 2 units and living in the 3rd. Planning on moving out of the 3rd and renting all 3 units out.

Are you currently cashflowing? I'm guessing not or little if youre living in a unit, what about when you move out? What is the condition of the property like? Do you ever plan on using a PM? If youre cashflowing with these numbers now I don't see a reason to save less. Its always good to have those reserves if you have a major expense come up or don't want to self manage anymore.

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