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From Upstate NY

I've inherited two units both with smokers in the units.  There are existing leases and nothing in the lease mentions smoking.  As a new buyer of the property what are my options for asking them to refrain from smoking inside?

Thank you!


@Joshua Todd You can ask them, but they probably won't do it.  When the lease expires, don't renew them if it is that much of an issue for you.

Cleaning up after someone smokes inside your unit usually requires a lots of wiping surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes on surfaces and painting of walls, in addition to shampooing or replacing nasty smelling carpets. For these reasons, we do not allow smoking in our buildings, and have nearly moved to not renting to smokers at all because half of them will smoke inside when you're not around. 

I agree with @Michael Noto about ending the leases and overhauling the units; however before you do, look at the numbers. How long have the tenants been there? What is their payment history, their trouble history? If they are tenants in good standing, and good tenants are hard to come by in your area, you may need to keep them as the best tenants you can get. Since they are already in place, they can't cause anymore smoking issues. Be sure all smoke detectors are kept with fresh batteries. Before we make decisions about kicking folks out, that have followed the rules, we should look at the results of their stay so far.

Many thanks to all!

@Joshua Todd If they're already smoking in the units, might as well let them continue unless it's causing issues with other tenants because they've already done the damage and can't really do much more by smoking so get as much rent out of them as you can and turn the unit when they are no longer good tenants or move out on their own.

@Joshua Todd , I have to disagree with @Samantha Klein 's comment that they can't really do more damage than they already have.

Nicotine will continue to build up every time they smoke in the unit. If they have only been there a short time, it won't be as bad as if they have been there for years.

I would also vote to not renew the lease. They will continue to smoke in the unit as long as they live there.

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