Preliminary Tenant Screening Form for open house viewing

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Hey, what do you guys think about my Preliminary Tenant Screening Form. I came up with the questions after reading a few articles on tenant screenings and thought this may help.  I'm having an open house viewing so I thought this would be a good way to screen out anyone that is not worth the time and effort of going into a full application process and also thought it would be a good way to keep track and review everyone that comes through.

Here's ours, which I have turned into a Google Form and email to prospective tenants.

What’s your name?

How many total people would be living in the unit?

Do you use any funding, like Section 8?

If so, how many bedrooms are on your voucher?

What is your portion of the monthly rent?

What is your monthly income? (must be 2 to 3 times the rent)

Do you have any pets?

Does anyone smoke?

Do you have your own appliances (fridge, stove, washer, dryer) or do you need us to provide?

Can you get the utilities on in your own name (gas, electric)?

Do you have both the first month’s rent and security deposit today?

If you decide to take the apartment after seeing it, we do require an application, for which there is a fee (usually around $35). Are you OK completing an application and paying that fee?

I get the info I need to pre-qualify the tenant before I even speak to them. If you have a website that you drive ad track to (when you have a vacancy, you tell people to go to your website) you can put this as a link on your website, either as a pdf or as a google form. The info comes back from the prospective tenant straight into my email inbox.

We ask about appliances because this being a low-income community, many folks don't have their own, so we offer them for rent. We will install, clean, repair, or replace as needed a fridge, stove, washer, or dryer for $20 each per month ($25 for new ones). This is a great income stream for us, and offers the tenant a great value over appliance rental stores.


Any evictions? 

Do you owe rent to any landlord?


Not sure why a mini-application is needed as we an online process. Putting "background and credit check required" in the ad has been our best prescreening tool.

@Jasmine Cotes , are you allowing pets? If so, I wouldn't ask "Do you have..." I'd ask "How many pets do you have?" This implies that you already know they have them.

If you don't allow smoking, make that clear on the form.

I'm chiming in a bit late: just wondering if asking for a full name is appropriate. That would help weed out people. Of course they can always lie... but so it is with any question on the form.


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