Does anybody allow smoking indoors?

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With the recent outbreak of marijuana paranoia by uneducated people...I'm wondering how many, if any, allow smoking (cigarettes) inside your unit? I'm starting to wonder if there isn't a market here like there is for renting to pets. Sure, it causes extra damage to your building, but you could charge more rent also. In the south smoking is still a lot more popular than in other places around the country. If you had a dedicated smoker unit you wouldn't have to remove the smell between each tenant.

Does anybody allow smoking in apartments?
Does anybody allow smoking in a SFH?
Do you charge an extra deposit? Higher rent?
Are your insurance premiums higher?

Mostly just curious here. For the record, I despise cigarettes and their butts drive me insane. But I'm not living in the rental units...

From what I've seen; these days only really low quality tenants would smoke indoors. Even smokers don't want to live in a smoking house. Smoking may be the single quickest way to do real lasting damage to a home; I wouldn't go near it.

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I wouldn't allow smoking in my units. Just can't get the smell away and could potentially ward off non-smoking tenants.

Smoking does extensive damage to a property. Far more than many think. You could never allow it in a property with more than one tenant. A SFH would be the only viable option. Resale of the home will be extremely difficult and reduce the property value by tens of thousands. Flippers generally would be interested in buying smokers homes.

I allow vaping but not smoking. 

Tenant's sign a "No smoking" in the apartments addendum.

No Butts, No Smell, No Nicotine stained walls. No Complaints. 

My lease contains a no smoking/vaping on the entire lot. I have neighbors who smoke. Even though they don't smoke in the house the smell still comes in on clothes or drifts in from the porch.

The percentage of smokers is small and falling each year, so you would be catering to an increasingly smaller segment of the population that tends to be poorer. Doesn't sound like a recipe for success to me. That leaves out all of the obvious stuff already stated, such as the obnoxious damage it will do to everything in your units. 

I don't allow any smoking in my units and have strong language / penalties if this policy is broken. Most smokers don't smoke in their house. I've rented to lots of smokers and the policy has never dissuaded them. They just smoke outside. I don't know that this is an "untapped market" you want to tap into.  

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