Staging vacancies

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How do you stage vacancies? 

Are there any inexpensive tips or hacks on how to stage a vacancy?

When I google this topic, they assume that the place isn't vacant so suggested cheap ways to stage a home are more about decluttering and moving around existing furniture.

I know about the air mattress trick that will look like a bed for the bedrooms, but are there any similar tricks for living rooms? I have a long and empty large living room that needs something in it to give it some sense of the scale of the place.

I was thinking about hiring a professional to take pictures because I don't have the equipment- DSLR camera, wide angle lens, tripod, etc..  

But, I don't know if its worth the cost if the place is vacant because those real estate photographs really don't pop when the place is vacant. At the very least, I want to be able to stage my vacancy just for the photographs.

Some people might just borrow and bring their own furniture from home to stage a vacancy. But, that really won't work for my situation. I have a 4 door sedan so a sofa won't fit in it. Plus, I have to carry all the stuff up a flight of stairs just to get to the living room. 

And, how do you stage the kitchen?

Do you clear everything off the countertops to show off how large those countertops are? Or, are you supposed to leave a bowl of fruit on the countertops?

For the bathrooms, is it just some white towels and that's it?

Any other staging tips that you do?

Easiest staging is to have great tenant that has nice decor and ask if you can take a photo of that room.

Is this for a House or Apartment..

You could call a stager and get prices.

We staged a house, didn't touch the bedrooms. Did it ourselves, I bought great looking Kitchen table and dining room table and patio table sets for SUPER CHEEP and spray painted the one set, Sold it all on craigslist after we had offer and made more money than what I paid for it.

Also did same with sofa love seat for Living room. a couple of small side tables and moved and shot room from different angles moving lights and tables. and then reset furniture in the family room. and took photo's there. 

I did White towels with brite colored ribbon ties for bathroom and small vanity brite floral arrangement to match. NO rugs.. Shower curtain tied back to match.

Kitchen cleared counter tops off only 1 small utensil holder on counter corner with some cute spoons.. NO towels hanging off anything. and a floral low profile plant on table.

I had great planters outside by door.

I kept tags on the towels and all accessories that I bought and took them back after photo's were done.

The plants also.. 

Property I managed hired a service for all their photo's of inside and out, and the video's they weren't cheep and were OK.

I think with a tripod you could do just as well. Have some background music for video and don't talk unless you have a perfect script.

You can do it easy with help of a freind for moving and vacuuming the floors so they look untouched.

Hey there, Josh. I'm Keianna Rae Harrison an interior designer and home stager based in Indianapolis. I wholeheartedly believe in the value of staging to sell homes fast.

I typically advise my clients to stage their entryway, dining room, kitchen, baths and living room/family room. Eight out of 10 people can't visualize what a finished room will look like when they walk into a vacant property, so staging the rooms people will see first helps them feel all warm and fuzzy about your property from the moment they walk in.

But don't just throw any furniture in the rooms. Check out your competition and see what their staged homes look like. Pay special attention to homes that have sold fast around yours. Mimic their furniture style and arrangement.

For the best outcomes, call a local stager in your area. I belong to several national staging organizations and would be happy to connect you to someone in your area. Give me a call if you'd like to talk further.

Best wishes!

Keianna Rae Harrison

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