I'm gearing up to do some tenant background checks. To especially those who have used services of both Smartmove and Turbotenant.

- Are there any significant differences you feel need to be noted between the two? I am aware that they both use TransUnion for the background and criminal checks.

- Regarding Smartmove's invitation process to prospective tenants to fill out application forms online. I'm assuming this occurs when prospective tenant shows up to check out the apartment and expresses interest to take the next step as in fill out the application forms?

- I like to have physical application forms filled out to have on file. Are the forms online for Smartmove focused on background and criminal checks or are they mirror images of what tenants would be physically filling out for me?

- What are potential "barriers" (real or imagined) that potential tenants have mentioned (if at all)? 

- How were your overall experiences with these services (and especially so with the background checks)?