Looking for Property Management in Leesburg, FL

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I have found and spoke with two companies so far- Gunn Property Services and Leesburg for Rent.  Does anyone have experience with either of these companies?   Any other possibilities?  

@Robert H.

As a tenant, I just finished a 2 year lease that Jeremy Gunn listed as a rental for my former LL. I can say that he definitely did a good job showing the place to us. We were put on the back burner by several agents that were listing rentals. One of them literally accusing us of faking our tax return (we're self employed making 300k/yr, but I didn't qualify for a mortgage until recently because my business was new). Jeremy was prompt and worked with our schedule. As a result, my former LL got 2 years of 1700 rent without vacancy.

I can’t say anything more about the management, however, because the LL self managed beyond the initial rental listing.