Cracks in the walls of our rental in Los Angeles

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Hello, All.  My tenant is complaining about cracks forming in the walls of our rental house that was built around 1930.  I told him that with all of the rain I suspect the foundation is settling but thought I would ask more experienced folks for their take.   Should I get an engineer to look at it?  If so, anybody have a referral?

I told the renter my suspicions and said I would rather wait a few months for things to dry out and settle down before fixing it.  Want to make sure I am not overlooking a larger problem.

Thanks - Chris

How big are the cracks? Hairline? I would leave them as is if it's alright with the tenants and take pictures and watch to see if there is any change. I would also walk around outside and see if there is any cracking in the foundation and make sure water is running away from the foundation. I wouldn't be immediately concerned about it, just monitor it very closely for any sudden change. 

I agree with Ben. But also look for leaks in the roof ect. May not be a foundation problem. Are the cracks in just one room or multiple rooms? Walls or ceilings or both? Take pics and check again in the near future.