Los Angeles City Rent Control

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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the community and I am also a new owner of a duplex in Los Angeles City. The units fall under LA City Rent Control (rent stabilization ordinance). I plan on renting one of units very soon and I just wanted to reach out for guidance about the applicable laws surrounding rent control. I have experience as a renter of a rent controlled unit in my past as a tenant so I am pretty familiar with the general overview of the laws; however, I am not fully sure that I am covering everything. I've been reading up on the Rent Stabilization Ordinance but I want to make sure I understand the other over-arching laws and regulations that apply to my unit. Things like the building and safety codes, California codes, etc.. Can anyone provide a list of the applicable laws and ordinances that I should acquaint myself with for Los Angeles City rentals, specifically for rentals that also fall under rent control? Thank you very much.


I just found this post, I assume you have found answers to your questions but in case someone else look at this post, the HCIDLA website is a good starting point. 

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