credit checks, background checks? what website to use?

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What is a fair priced website that gives out all the information you need to run credit checks and background checks?

has anyone had positive experinces with one over another?


I use NTNonline they have been fairly priced and you get quick service. As long as you have online access you can do a credit and eviction report in about 5 minutes on an individual for 12.50.

I use They're reasably priced; I can get a credit report for about $12.00, a little more to search eviction records and courthouse records. The turnaround time is just about instantaneous for online reports, and they do offer telephone verification of landlord and employment references if you're willing to pay a little more for it.

Years later...Search around for your state's criminal and civil records website. Though they don't give credit scores, as a screening tactic they can reveal volumes about someone's past, and you can be looking up someone while you're talking to them. Here are some I've used, I think they are all free. Please add your state if you know it, :


North Dakota:



North Carolina:

I just used this one: by transunion although I think it might have been pricier than some of the other ones listed here. I just liked how I didn't need to qualify to run a credit report because the tenant logs in and authorizes you to run their credit. They also give the option to have you pay, or the tenant can pay. I collected an application fee from the tenant and then just paid it myself.

I ran TransUnion Credit and Criminal Background for $25. Again, seems more expensive, but they seem to run alot of databases.

I'm planning to use ntonline. I haven't used them yet, but I spoke to them on the phone a few months ago and they seemed pretty helpful. They said they could exclude medical bill debt (for low income tenants) in their analysis, if you chose to do that. I believe they charge $40 or $50 per check, so it's advisable to charge that much for each adult tenant application.

I use Kroll Factual Data. It's about $22 for the credit and criminal. Most of that is for criminal. I think the credit part is only about $9. I always run both.

I have to go down to the county and run my own eviction. They aren't on line. I run (county wide) criminal while I am there. That's free and takes only a few seconds.

The criminal seems to be quite good on Kroll. They pick up things that the applicant claims was expunged.

I get an easy to read and complete credit report, so I can see exactly what the problem is and whether or not it is something I count or ignore. As far as I can see, credit scores without the report are totally worthless.

They do require the office inspection and they do insist upon good security for the data they deliver.

By the way, a quick warning. I've had a call from a tenant screening service and all they wanted to know was if the tenant had paid the rent without any 10 day lates.

I tried to telll him about some really serious issues I'd had with that tenant, but he cut me off and said all he wanted to know was whether the rent had been paid or not.

I felt sorry for whatever landlord was going to get stuck with that tenant because the screening service set such low standards.

How about for a private promissory note holder like me, who only needs to check credit and report late payments to all 3 credit bureaus ? And who only needs to do the above about once a year. Is there a service without setup fee, that still offers reasonable one time prices ?