Evicting a Section 8 Tenant

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I am considering buying a single family property.  The property is listed at lower value compared to other properties in the vicinity.  The only downside is there is a Section -8 tenant living there (have not received the disclosures on tenant lease agreement).  This tenant wants to continue living there even after the owner changes.  The owner is ready to sell the property if I can make it worth his while for him to evict the tenant (not sure if he is going to pay off tenant or what), else the property will be sold as is with the tenant living there.

I do not want the tenant and at the same time, I am not willing to pay the higher amount to make the existing owner's worth while.  So my question is how "difficult" is it to get rid of a Section - 8 tenant legally.  

@Vincent Dsouza

It's no different than evicting any other tenant. The best scenario they make a deal with you and move. You pay them some money cash for keys. 

Is there a reason why you want to evict them. Have they done anything that you can evict them. Are they not paying their portion of the rents etc? 

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your post,  this has nothing to do with the tenant, the main issue is  my wife and I are looking at being a foster adoption parent and one of the main requirements is all adults  living in the house hold need to pass a background check.  Now the tenant is living in in-law unit , so reasonably he would be included in this check.  At this point not too sure about the tenant and since this is our first home buying along with being first time parents not too sure if we can handle the stress.  

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