TurboTenant Reviews anyone?

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I'm getting closer and closer to owning my first rental property and I'm scrambling to figure out how I'm going to accept applications, collect rents, etc....  I'm looking through their website, and TurboTenant seems like a pretty good service.  Has anyone had any experience using their service?  

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It hasn't asked me for  one.  I'm going to have to enter my checking account info to accept on-line rent payments, but it appears completely free to the landlord.  

You will not be asked for your CC. Like @Shaun R. mentioned, if you decide to accept online payments you'll connect your bank account information but there is no charge to landlords and money is directly transferred from tenants to landlords, there is no holding account. Let us know if you have any other questions, happy to answer them!

As I don't have many properties, I tend to piecemeal my management.

1.  I advertise through Zillow Rental Manager and Craigslist.  Hits all the major sites and I've never had a problem finding potential tenants.

2.  I still use paper (or online fillable pdf) applications because I like to have some specific questions that I feel are important and most of the online services don't allow customization of their applications.

3.  I use SmartMove for background checks.

4.  I use cozy.co or some other free (to both me and the tenant) electronic method to collect rent.

The idea is to keep this process free and easy for the tenant.  I want as much of the tenant's money as possible to be focused on paying their deposit and full rent on time.  That's why I don't charge an application fee and try to find free electronic methods of payment.  The only thing the tenant gets charged for is the background check, which is done when we've pretty much settled on them as the best candidate.

I literally do the same as @CJ Ashton does. mysmartmove.com is a great tool and it's from a company most people know, Trans Union. Also, I tried using Turbotenant to post my property online. It's not that it was bad but just felt more comfortable with Zillow Rental Manager. One reason being you can type more in the description. Another reason, and maybe it says this somewhere and I just never found it, but I couldn't figure out where exactly Turbotenant was posting my property. Zillow Rental Manager is more clear about that. cozy.co is the only sure I've found where rent payment is free for ACH transactions.

John Anderson I actually submitted that question to their website this morning to find out if there is a fee for the tenant.

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I got the answer back yesterday from turbotenant. There is a 2.5% processing fee for the tenant.

Hi, just to clarify, it's not 2.5% (That would be a $25 charge on a $1000 payment).

The charge is $2.50.  This is added to the payment amount.  The fee can either be paid by the tenant or the landlord (e.g. tenant could make a 997.50 payment, then get charged $1000.  Landlord would receive 997.50).

There are not setup fees or monthly fees to either landlord or tenant.

Payments get transferred in 2 business days.

Originally posted by @Shaun R. :

Correct Sarnen Steinbarth I should have waited until I was fully awake this morning to post. I did mean $2.50.

 Great.  Just wanted to clarify if there was a misunderstanding.