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I'm a small scale landlord but, I am constantly having to call a number of plumbers/electricians/handymans etc. because, "oh, I can't get to it til X".  I had an idea and was wondering if anyone else would be interested enough for me to pursue as a business opportunity.  

My day job is IT so I thought it would make my life easier to have all the plumbers, electricians, etc I use to be on a single number and when I call the number it gives me an option (press 1 for Electrician, 2 for Plumbers, etc)  Then it would dial all the plumbers and electricians that I use at one time.  Whoever, picks up first would get my business.  Would that be something that would be useful to anyone else?  I was thinking the professional could be charged for the call since they're the one making the money if I turn this into a business.

@Jason Hill There is always more room for Tech in the Real Estate Industry. There is potential for this as long as the plumbers, electricians, etc are receptive to using it! If they are good, they are usually working on the job, so if it is a single handyman without a team, it may be difficult for them to be at the ready for picking up their phone. I like the concept of streamlining it like this though !

@Jason Hill If you could integrate with a CRM, I could imagine you'll get some interest. Otherwise, there are answering services that do exactly what you state. They give a 1-800 number to call, you forward your number to it during certain or all hours, and they follow the script you provide and either deliver a message via email or voice or attempt to hard-connect based on your rules. I.E. "Olszak Realty after hours answering service, how can I help you...Is this an urgent maintenance request? Is the unit flooding or are there urgent health/safety issue? Ok, please wait while I connect you with a member of our crew."

I use my maintenance guy for this. Maintenance calls go to the answering service, get emailed to me, texted to him; unless its urgent, then it gets a call to him then a call to me if he doesn't pickup which reoccurs every 5 minutes until one of us answers. Then after contacting the tenant he decides if he and his people can handle it within our $ limit, otherwise he calls out to the subs. It took a while to reach that trust level but its well worth the cost of going through 5+ guys to find him.

Matthew - Awesome information I'll look into a service like that.

On the CRM integration it could relatively easily be done, good suggestion and I'll look into that.

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