Property Manager Recommendation in Honolulu

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Hello fellow BP'ers!!
I'm closing on a SFM property in Honolulu (Makakilo, Kapolei area) and will be renting it full time. I'm located in Long Beach, NY and am looking for a really solid property manager in the area. Would greatly appreciate your recommendations and feedback. :)

Thank you,


Hghly recommend Lehua Prasser

She took care of a nightmare situation in my rental condo in Makakilo. New tenants moving in within a week then washing machine flooded. She helped me with water mitigation, found tenant a temporary rental while repairs were being done and assisted with organizing contractors. 

Her monthly and end of year statements are clear and organized. Payments were always on time. 

She has a cheerful disposition but can get stern when tenants aren't behaving. 

Thanks a lot for the recommendation, Micah. Will definitely contact her.

Also, I would love to network with local investors in the island and learn more about the real estate investment scene in Oahu. Would you like to connect?


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