Tenant Keeps Breaking Stuff!

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What's the best way to handle a tenant that keeps breaking stuff? I have nothing against them personally. They appear to be great people...never late with the rent. Only problem, the home I'm renting to them is less than 6 years old and crap should'nt be breaking every other week. Granted it's not big stuff but I'm starting to feel like I'm being nickel and dimed. Our orignal agreement states that I'm responsible for repairs simply because I didn't want them breaking something then going out and paying for it themselves to in-turn try to negoitate rent for repairs. I feel like I need to revise our agreement somehow. For instance the latest repair is the kitchen sink is backed up.......There has been nothing wrong with the sink!

Any Suggestions will be appreciated.

I always kept all the repairs on me for the same reason, I also charged higher than market rent. My rule was if the damage could be directly linked to them, they paid.

Example, toilet or sink back up, snake it out and no obvious cause, that's on me. Snake it out and bring up a kid's doll baby, that's on them, kitchen sink stopped up because they're pouring grease down it, that's on them.

My lease also spelled out that ANY REPAIRS not authorized in advance were on them. I had one guy call a garage door company because the door was acting up. Door guy came out, changed two rollers and greased the rest, then called me looking for $175. I told him he'd better call the guy who had ordered the service.

Hope this helps.

all cash

thanx....It's the basic stuff but it still helps reading it. Sometimes we seem to get away from the basics.

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