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I am just starting out in the rental word and I was wondering what websites to use when marketing my available properties? Also, in your opinion what websites do you think are most effective? (ex. Zillow, radpads, hotpads etc...) and how long would you say it normally takes to find a good tenant?

HI Alexandra! Welcome to the rental world. In my area I find Zillow works best and it pushes it out to a WHOLE bunch of websites for free- including hot pads,Trulia etc. So just one post on zillow puts in on multiple websites. Zillow will also give you a link you can put on craigslist. I don't post on craigslist much anymore because I find people are a little leery of it because there are so many scams on there.  If I have a lower income property I will also advertise it in the newspaper as I find a lot of people looking might not necessarily have internet. But this will obviously vary depending on what location you live in. 

I totally agree with @April Crossley . The zillow arm that she's talking about is Zillow Rental Manager. It's also an app that you can use to manage leads. 

In terms of how long it will take to find a good tenant, it will vary based on area. I personally keep track of the rental market in my community so I know what my targets should be. Take a look at your MLS data. You should be able to get a feel from there.

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