Transunionn Smart Move feedback

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Hey everyone,

Anyone ever use this service SmartMove by Transunion?  They are offering $35 to run a credit, criminal background, eviction report as well as some other services.  

Almost sounds good to be true.  Anyone use this service before and have any feedback?

@Nick Ferrari

I use it. It's part of my screening process. Use it to find any discrepancies on their applications. 

You also need to vet the tenants thoroughly, especially calling on their present and past landlords. Look up tax records to find the actual owners of the properties, the tenant claims to live in, instead of calling the phone no on their application.

I just caught a "fake" landlord this way recently. 

The increased cost the last time I used it has me looking for other options. other then that it's ok. I had several tenants on this last pass 55+ years old that had no credit because it only goes back so many years that was a disappointment for the cost. It did not even show Thier previous address.

@Nick Ferrari SmartMove is popular on BP and actually recommended by BP in the Tools section.  

It helps to know what exactly the product will provide though as it is just the criminal, credit, and eviction search.  I think that is where some confusion/bad reviews can occur.  As @Chris T. mentioned you still need to verify references and employment as TransUnion will not call for those.  

We also recommend you still use an application to capture the initial information on the applicant and then decide if you request the SmartMove screening as you will only want to screen those candidates that pass your initial criteria.  Let me know if you have any questions.  

Smartmove has the application process online for tenant to fill out, and you get that back for review? Tenant pays smartmove? It's up landlord to call previous landlords on background check?