I've managed several rental properties over the years but have run into a new issue. A local company brings in employees from other areas and helps place them in housing. These employees are looking for inexpensive housing and willing to share a house with other employees that they don't know very well.

So far so good but the employee turnover is high. We finally went to a month to month lease and told tenants we would not renew their lease if they left the company. But what we are getting now is one roommate stays and another moves out after a month or two. We're constantly re-writing leases to include new and old roommates.  Do you think a room lease situation like is used for college students would work in this situation? That would allow a tenant to remain without having to sign new lease.  And might help guard against their tendency to try to sublet. 

The upside to continuing to rent to this company's employees is that the company will pay rent between tenants and help us secure tenants that pass our background checks (because of their hiring requirements)   They will also help us communicate with tenants and sometimes put pressure on them for rent payments.  They also pay damage deposit and first month's rent.

I'd appreciate any input since this is new for us.  Thank you.