Breaking a laundry lease

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Anyone with experience breaking laundry leases? I have two leases with two different companies in South Florida that I can't break. One was inherited with the property, the other one I signed. The terms of both are similar and unfair (read the fine print!). 7-year terms and the companies have the right to renew. 

I've tried calling the companies but they have not been returning my calls. During my first call, I offered to buy them out but they both said the same thing..."Let me get your contract and we'll call you back". Since then I can't get in touch with anyone.

For those of you out there considering leasing machines I would strongly suggest buying your own used, coin-op machines. They can be serviced the same as regular washer/dryers and you keep all the money.

No court of law is going to uphold a contract that does not have some reasonable facets of termination. That can be a normal expiration (as in a lease), a notice-and-out, a buyout clause, or something similar. To allow otherwise would be akin to indentured servitude/slavery. I *seriously* doubt a contract that allows a company to self-renew and obligate you to pay to infinity is legal. 

Post the contract up here, blur out your specific name information and that of the company. I guarantee there's some legal experts that will slice it like a Ginsu!

See below for the contract. Paragraph 14 states the renewal process. It'll automatically renews twice for seven years. After that, I have to notify them in writing, certified mail, during the first month of year 14.

They are not near my property in Pompano Beach, FL but I could pay them a visit.

section 13/14 take care of what you have to do. 

13 basically says you have to pay like 75% of their gross income x remaining months of the original contract and any options (2x7 yr options).

14 tells you how to opt out of the options by sending a notice (gives you the time frames and instructions for how to submit notice).