How do you decide how much of your tenant's deposit to return?

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They took pretty good care of the house. Appeared to have the carpets cleaned and the home cleaned. Deposit was 1 months rent. 

Thoughts?  How do you determine how much to return?  Do you use it for finding things like changing the locks?

Security deposits are meant for damage and excessive dirtiness upon move out. You should not hold any of the deposit for anything that is considered "normal wear and tear." 

It sounds like they kept the house in great condition, and if it does not exceed the "normal wear and tear" guidelines, and do not owe anything additional such as late fees, utilities, etc. you should think about returning the full amount.   

I think it should be the landlord's responsibility for changing the locks and those are some of the costs that are expected for a landlord to pay. 

That's my take on it, and I hope that helps!