Notice to Vacate when owner moves back into property

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I'm currently buying a 2 unit property in Baltimore City with 1 of the units already being rented out with a month-to-month lease. I want the tenants to move out solely because the place needs a major renovation and subsequent rental price increase. I plan on living in the unit I'm renovating, and want even want to give the current tenants the option to move to the other vacant unit. I want to confirm that I need to give a 60 day notice (although MD state law is 30 days, I think Baltimore City is 60?). Here's the kicker - I need to confirm because I also currently have a house that I'm renting in Washington, DC where the rental laws are very different (EXTREMELY tenant friendly). However, in DC, if you as the owner of the house are moving back into the property, you only have to give 30 days notice, no matter how long is left on the lease. Just wondering if this sort of loop-hole exists or not in Baltimore City.

1. Do I have to give a 30 or 60 day notice to vacate?

2. Is there a loophole because the new owner will be moving into the house?


Download the landlord tenant laws for this state and you'll have all your answers,, like you said each state is different so find out from the correct source.

Your notice of non-renewal / vacate would be in those regulations,, but ususally a month to month term only required the same for notice period,, given in written form, mailed and copy posted on door.. prior to the 1st of the month.. for a full 30 (1months) day notice period.