New Property Manager - Transition

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Hello all!

First time post here.  I own a 20 unit complex and recently had to let my existing property manager go and hired a new one.  When I expressed my concern to the old manager last week he said he deserved a chance to get filled.  I let him go a couple days ago and my new one took over.  She was forwarded a call from the old manager from a new tenet.  The tenet  said he signed a contract and was moving into one of the available units.  Couple points to consider:

1. This renter doesnt have the first months rent, but signed the contract and paid deposit.

2.  switched over utilities. Still needs confirmed

3. The old manager has not application for this tenet. No idea how he was vetted.

I want to be fair to the tenet, but if he cant pay first month it will only get worse.  Does anyone know what my legal rights are here and/or the tenets?  I live in Illinois...I know that is my first problem.  

Thank you in advance!


Note: it may seem obvious, but it seems the old manager was just trying to get units filled so he could "prove" he was doing his job. Might be why no application and didn't require first months rent prior to signing