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I'm looking for recommendations for a property manager in Cleveland OH (Parma) for two SFHs. They are both currently tenanted with one being vacated within a month; an ideal time to change managers for both properties. 

Both properties were purchased while we were living in the US although we have now moved back to Australia. As OS investors what we need from our manager is strong communication, regular reporting (photos and video) and liaison with maintenance contractors.

The plan is to continue buying in Cleveland so the manager can expect to pick up extra properties over the coming years should the relationship work. 

Thanks in advance for recommendations.


Hey Aaron, I know someone who does rent ready rehab and PM for investors. It's a smaller operation, but they might be a good contact for ya. The owner mostly works on the east side of town, but maybe the they would be open to expanding down to Parma. PM for details.


I'm looking for property management recommendations as well for 4 single family properties in 44121, 44118 and 44124 areas.

Thanks in advance for recommendations,


Im switching over to its through a KW office.  When I ask around they seems to be one of the good ones. So far they have been good. @Aaron Mercer who are you currently using.   I was using Reds I would stay away from them.  

@Lesley Ray I would love to, but my contact flaked out on me pretty hard on a couple projects and simply never returned my calls before starting any work. I even saw their other projects and thought they did good work, but you never know. Fortunately, I've heard enough stories to not have paid anything up front without seeing progress, but I certainly would not recommend them now. 

Hey everyone! I am looking for a property manager for a two family home that I am closing on right now in 44109. If anyone has a great property manager I'd love your recommendation.

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