Question about Pre-Tenant Questions

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Hello again, BiggerPockets!

When scheduling a showing with a potential tenant, or during the showing, is it ok to ask the potential tenant the age of their children (if applicable)?

Thank you in advance!

@Jake Valkusky can not ask the age of children, that would be a violation of Fair Housing. Take a look at the HUD site to familiarize yourself with the law to avoid any problems.

It may be easier for you to ask how many "persons" will be occupying the property. Only refer to them that way, you avoid that question of asking about children.

I don't think there's anything wrong with asking, however I would probably word it as "there's a really great elementary    school nearby!" and then they'll probably say "oh, no my kids are in high school" or something along those lines.    

ask age nope, how many yes, but you can point out local schools, and might get some feedback from that..

if they got kids, they got kids.. 

Names of kids and birth-dates go on lease also,, so John Smith, Minor child  x/xx/xxxx   and they are considered occupant no matter what age.