My first (hopefully last) break-in

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Over the weekend one of my duplexes got broken into.  It appears they did it at night and kicked down the front door.  Luckily only the door was damaged, but my tenants had some pricey goods stolen (they thanked me for recommending renter's insurance prior to signing the lease).

I've done the following to prevent future break-ins: security door, motion lights and a deadbolt on the fence gate.  However, my huge front door will need to be replaced.  It appears to be a custom door at 35 1/2" x 95".  I'd love to put in a steel door, but it's almost prohibitively expensive.  Would really appreciate any suggestions on the door and any other recommendations to prevent any future criminals.



Usually the failure point when a door is kicked is the strike and/or the jamb. I reinforce doors and hinges with a DJ Armor product. At a minimum get an extended strike plate and secure with long (i.e. 3") screws. 

If there is any way to frame out the door to make it a regular height now is the time to do it, you won't regret it and I know it's a duplex so you'd have to probably match the entries.. but this size door is awful to order,, and a storm / screen door is just as costly.

Stay informed with the local police safe officer and find out if other type incidents are happening in your area, the lighting, extra locks, new door are super but if someone wants in they will get in.

With all the shiny new stuff empty boxes,, in trash of new TV's etc are calling card for burglars.. cut boxes down.