rental open house protocol

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we listed our first SF rental on Sunday and received over 30 inquiries so far.  I followed up with an email or phone coversation listing the criteria we posted in our ads.  Amazing how many people didn't read the full ad....We have 6-8 qualified prospective tenants interested in seeing the house, based on the pre-screen.  I started scheduling appointments and we have now decided to host an open house on Saturday.   I've contacted all of these prospects to attend within the window and planning on using cozy for the application and background check/credit reports.  At the open house, should I give them the link to the cozy listing to apply online?    Should I give them a deadline - i.e 'we will be reviewing applications on Sunday'.  Are we able to make our decision based on the strongest applicant, or do we need to offer the next step to the first qualified applicant who applies?  Secondly, when should we collect a deposit?  thank you!

@Kristi Beeksma I think it's a great idea to hold an open house when you have a lot of activity, saves a lot of time and usually gets people off the fence to make a decision.

First off you should decide prior to Saturday as to how you want to take, process and approve your applicants. Once decided, let each and every interested Party sat the open house know what you process is. 

As long as your landlord tenant laws, don't have any certain exemptions, you can collect first come first serve, or collect them all and choose which one you want based on their income, Credit, rental history, eviction, criminal etc... 

PS, their app fees get paid directly to Cozy, so no need for you to collect them.

As a side note, i always being my IPAD with me, just in case they want to apply while they are at the property