Rodent problem please help

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I was just informed by my tenant that my property has mice. How do I get rid of them. The rental is in the Pottstown area. Is there anyone that specializes in rodent problems?

The tenant has been renting the property for two years and there were no previous rodent issues.

Please help.

Traps were set and they aren't working.


What kind of traps? I just had a mouse problem too and went and bought 3 Victor Pro Electronic mouse traps on eBay and I caught a bunch of mice and so far have not seen or heard anymore at the property.

I would recommend them. They are $25 each so you'll spend $75 or so but its still less than a pest control company.

Also go seal all cracks/holes on the exterior with steel wool and caulk. Winter is coming and mice want inside for the warmth. 

dog food and cat food dishes are buffet for mice.. also exterior trash and containers should be located away from the house. 

Tree limbs that overhang are good spots for mice to enter house.. yes up high..

Pest control companies have great results they use a powder that mice contact and kills them.  

Do my own pest has a product called Brigand, a soft bait that they will eat. Glue traps work well. Using several methods(including allowing cats) simultaneously will work best.