Applicances for rental properites in Cape Coral

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I often need to buy/replace appliances such as washer, dryer, fridge, and dishwasher for rental properties in Cape Coral.  I usually end up getting them new from Home Depot.  They are not the high end models, and Home Depot removes the old one and installs the new one for me.  Does anyone have a better way to handle this?  Is there a reliable source for used appliances? or a good scratch and dent place?

Hi Terry, I'd be interested in the same. I'm actually headed to the Cape this weekend and one of my to do's is to switch out an old dishwasher in one of my units. I just got it at Lowes and will have my guy install it. I do keep my eyes open for when Lowes & HD do their sidewalk sales when they're trying to moving appliances that are returns with mostly invisible blemishes. These are infrequent though and rarely when you're actually in need.

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Hi Clive, I just got back from a Cape Coral visit two days ago.  Here is my research:

I visited Jiminez Appliances on Del Prado.  They had a washer/dryer set for $350 and included a 90 day warranty. For 25% of the purchase price, you can upgrade to a one year warranty.  I also visited Liquidation Warehouse in N Fort Myers.  They had dryers for $250 (no washers in stock at the time) with 6 month warranty.  However, we eventually made a purchase from Mayorgas Applicances on Del Prado.  We got a washer/Dryer for $275 which includes 6 month warranty.  They also included free delivery and takeaway.  I visited Home Depot and was looking at a scratch/dent dishwasher for around 50% off but I would have to pay someone for delivery and installation making it cost prohibitive once you figure all that in.

Clive....FYI, all those places had other appliances, I was just highlighting what I specifically was looking for.

Hello All,

There is a good scratch and dent place in North Fort Myers on Old 41 Right before the edison bridge on the right. I got my Washer/Dryer there about a year ago. 

Appliance Outfitters

1021 N Tamiami Trail, North Fort Myers, FL 33903

Hope that helps,


I continually scan the internet sales sites and buy used (2-3 year old) appliances at 1/2 the price of new or less to keep in reserve all the times. They are as good as new and have the same life expectancy. Tenants never know the difference between new and used since every appliance becomes used the day it is installed.

I consider the purchase of appliances, held in reserve, as preventative maintenance. When a tenants appliance fails I either do simple repairs on site or swap it out the same day and repair their unit back at my shop or junk it depending on the problem. If I can repair it, which I usually can, it is held as a spare. I do not repair any appliance over 10 years old.

The stove in my personal home is approaching 30 years old and still works fine.