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I have a 3 family property that i bought earlier this year in Bridgeport, CT.  When i was getting the insurance in line, the broker had asked me if there were any unregistered vehicles on the property.  At the time I didn't think much about it.  I noticed in the existing leases (and most form leases) that there is an item about storage of unregistered vehicles.  That got me to think a bit more about it.  Now, upon last inspection, i have 3 unregistered vehicles that have magically appeared in our rear parking area.  

1) Why is it such a big deal that insurance would be asking about it and it would be in the leases?

2)  How have some of you more experienced landlords dealt with this?

We've approached the tenants about them and we are obviously not getting any warm responses.  Any insight and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


If the leases say you cannot have unregistered cars on the lot, then ask the tenants to remove them.  If they do not belong to the tenant, have htem towed. 

I haven't had to deal with this, except for once when the tenant abandoned the property with a car sitting out front.  I just had it towed.  Didn't know whose it was, but it was there for a few weeks before I called. 

@Jason Hanis We have direct experience with these issues in Connecticut as landlords and realtors. 

You have asked the tenants if any of the vehicles are theirs. Now send them all a letter and politely say that unregistered vehicles are lease violations and if they are not removed by "x" date then you are going to have them towed. Keep it professional. 

Going forward I highly recommend giving any vehicle listed on the lease a parking sticker and from there it is pretty simple. If there is a car there that doesn't have a sticker it gets towed. There are probably a number of companies that offer towing services in Bridgeport and they will even give you a sign with their number on it to put on your property so your tenants will know who to contact if vehicles that aren't supposed to be there show up. 

Parking situations and problems only magnify as the weather get worse and there is a mad scramble for parking when it snows, especially in the cities. I would nip this in the bud ASAP. 

Around here some cities will cite you for unregistered vehicles.

Its also an indicator tenants are working on cars.  That can create environmental hazards.

So basically post the parking area No unauthorized vehicles,towed at owners expense.

You can call local towing company they will more than likely give you a free sign you can post and have you sign a authorization for them to tow if you call.

Second post or give each tenant notice that cars will be towed if inoperable, not current tabs, and you require a list of cars they own, make model, license by the XXX date.

And then enforce..call tow truck come and get it..

My insurance didn't ask about cars. There was a tow company sign on my property when I bought it. I called once, they were out with a quickness (20 min) and towed the offending car quickly and quietly like ninjas. 

Every issue like this goes back to your lease.  Having been through what you're going through now I learned the hard way.  Being a landlord is a learning process and I can promise to it gets easier.  You'll see everything in time and with every new tenant you'll make adjustments to your leases.  Your lease is your greatest and maybe only leverage in your landlord/tenant relationship.

That said my suggestion is to find out what are your blight laws and DMV ordinances.  As always be straight forward with your tenants as to what you want.  I can speak for myself having gone through this for a few months years back and it is a hassle.  I eventually had some connections with the local PD and they came and tagged the car in question and it was gone within a week.

Good luck

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