Should I allow pets?

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I have an 8 apartment complex. There are two, 4 unit buildings on the property. I took possession of these on the first of July this year. These are my first rentals, so I am still fairly new at this. As of today, I do not allow pets. I have two separate tenants that have decided to move in pets on me without my permission. There are several things pulling me to allow pets and several pulling me not to.  Here are my pros and cons. Pros: #1,  I myself am a dog lover and totally understand wanting a pet dog. #2, I currently have a vacancy and could have rented it out ten times already if I allowed a pet.  #3, This one kind of goes along with #2. 6 of the 8 units are one bedroom and a lot of people interested are single and living by themselves and therefore want and have pets already. Cons: #1, Dog S%&t! There is plenty of room outside as the property is 2.3 acres. I am more worried about inside. #2, Whenever you give people an inch they take a mile. If I tell them that I allow ONE dog, they will have 4 cats, 2 dogs, a parakeet and an aardvark. Question #1 is, if I allow a pet, as in one dog, should I collect a pet deposit in addition to the security deposit? Questions #2, If I collect a pet deposit, how much and should it be refundable? Question #3, What should I do about my current situation with the two tenants that have decided to move in their pets, when both of their leases specifically state that no pets are allowed? Thanks

I do a $300.00 non-refundable deposit per pet.  If you lease says NO PETS and they bring in pets then they are breaking the lease. If you don't want to kick them out you can give them an alternative and present them with a pet addendum to pay the pet deposit.