international student breaking lease

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I am renting to a group of college students and one of them, an international student, wants out of the lease 6 months early. What legal actions do I have and can I report this action to a dept? She is very rude stating " well sue me then". I do not have a social security number.

get the rest of the group to find you a new tenant.  like you said... what are you gonna do to an international kid?  file an action and be done with it.

This is why I get a high deposit from non-traditional tenants.  It's a shame, she is making it more difficult for other international students to find quality housing.  Agree that unless you are renting out individual rooms, the pain transfers to the continuing tenants.  You could contact a collections agency to see if they can do anything for non-US people.  But without an identification number, unlikely.  Keep her deposit and move on, try to get it re-rented as quickly as possible, learn for future screening.

@Mimi Pierson Did anything ever happen with this? Some good comments from @Michele Fischer .

The school that is in my market does a "Honor Code" and I would definitely consider contacting them if I had the situation that you're mentioning. Especially if the tenant is currently in school. 

Also, I know a landlord that has contacted the head coach of the student athletes that he rented to. If the coach can't get them in line, I'm not sure anybody can.