Can you charge a tenant for a rust stain in the bathtub?

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Hello!  I have a condo that I rent out in Michigan.  My renters just moved out and they left my condo filthy.  I've been reading up and apparently in Michigan I cannot deduct a cleaning fee from their security deposit.  However, they left some rust stains in the corner of the bathtub (what looks like from a metal can they had there), I've tried CLR, Lime away, bleach, etc. and I cannot get this to come out.  Is there something I can withhold from their security deposit for this type of thing?  Any input is appreciated.  Thank you!!

Hi @Lisa Craig ,

The State of Michigan has pretty straightforward rules regarding security deposits, you should reference this document:

Refer to Page 8 and 9, it outlines exactly what you need to do if you want to withhold any portion of the security deposit to cover. As long as the tenant completed an inventory checklist at the beginning of the lease, and you have proof of damage, you should be covered. Best of luck!