Estoppel Statement Q's

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Hi! Our offer for our first 4-plex was accepted last Thursday, yay! It has current renters and we have requested to see their current leases, which we are waiting for. We would like to send a Estoppeal Statement and I have a few questions.

Do we need the current landlord to sign this form as well?

Do you send a cover letter with the Estoppeal Statement,  letting the renters know we are in the process of taking over the property and the purpose of the statement?

Do we send it directly to the renters or have our realtor send on our behalf?

Give a 10 day time frame for them to return It? And should it be return to us or the realtor?

Any other tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Michelle Pietras

Hi Michelle: They tenant only has to fill one out if their lease requires and the lease will tell you how long they have to send it back. The Landlord should really be the one to send them. You can ask the landlord to sign them, as well, but most important is tenant's recap of what is owed and what is paid, etc. Landlord doesn't have to reveal that he is selling, though there is no reason not to.